Program Fees

Membership Fees

As a non-profit society, we are required to charge a membership fee each year.

 Annual RCCCS Membership     $10.00/family         

Registration Fees

Annual registration fees include the cost of registration paperwork, administration, and staff planning and preparation time. 

 Treehouse ASC Registration Fee    $30.00/child


Program Fees 

Treehouse After School Care requires payment at the beginning of each month prior to attendance. When parents sign their children up for the days they plan to attend, they will be issued an invoice for that month, based on their pre-registered attendance. Any payments more than 7 days late are subject to a $25 penalty fee.  If there are any adjustments to a child’s attendance (e.g. they add or drop days other than originally registered) their account will be credited or debited the corresponding amount, and it will be applied to their account balance the following month.

Some children do not regularly attend Treehouse on a set schedule and may be signed up last minute, when space permits. Any booking less than a week ahead of attendance is charged at a drop-in rate, and must be paid for the day of service. If not paid, a child will be unable to attend again until the balance is cleared. Any payments more than 7 days late are subject to a $25 penalty fee.

  Standard Drop-in
 Daily Rate (2:45-5:30pm) $18.00 $21.00
 Early Dismissal Rate (1:45-5:30pm) $26.00 $29.00