Financial Aid

BC Government - Affordable Child Care Benefit

On September 1, 2018, the BC Government created the Affordable Child Care Benefit, replacing what was formerly the Child Care Subsidy. The funding helps families with the cost of child care, depending on factors like family size, type of care and household income.  If your total household income is less than $111,000 it’s worth looking into. A handy online calculator lets you figure out if you are eligible for funding, and how much. Applications can also be completed online. For more information check out the following link:

Both Rainbow Preschool & Treehouse ASC & Camps are licensed programs, and therefore eligible for assistance. Terrie, our operations Manager, is happy to fill out a Childcare Arrangement form for anyone who needs.

Families receiving Affordable Child Care Benefit are responsible for:
• Paying Registration & Membership Fees (benefit does not cover this).
• Having their benefit in place prior to the start of the program.
• Paying any difference between their benefit rate and monthly fees.
• Keeping track of when their benefit expires and needs renewing.
• Paying outstanding balances if benefit payments are not paid for any reason.

Short-Term Financial Aid

RCCCS knows that financial issues arise unexpectedly within families that may make it difficult for parents/guardians to pay RCCCS program fees on time. RCCCS aims to accommodate reasonable requests for short-tern financial aid wherever possible. Please speak with our Operations Manager for more information.

Rainbow Bursary

RCCCS is pleased to announce the creation of a bursary fund. The aim of the bursary is to alleviate the financial pressure of families in need who wishes to enrol their children in Rainbow Preschool. The bursary will be awarded based on financial need and eligibility. It is open to children 3 & 4 years of age who wishes to attend Rainbow Preschool.

To apply, parents/guardians must complete the RCCCS Rainbow Bursary Application Form and drop it off at the Roberts Creek Childcare Society at 1150 Timberland Road in Roberts Creek by June 9th. Applications must be completed in full and supporting documents illustrating financial need, as applicable, should be included. RCCCS will protect the privacy of all applicants and only the Operations Manager will be aware of an applicant's identity. The RCCCS board will blind review applications and award the bursary by the end of June.

For more information or to obtain a hard copy of the RCCCS Rainbow Bursary Application Form please contact the Operations Manager at or (604) 885-0163.