Rainbow Preschool registration has two phases: early registration and general registration.

Early registration:

Takes place until April 17th each year and is for:

  1. Children of staff working in the program
  2. Children already in the program that wish to return the following year
  3. Siblings of children currently enrolled in, and attending, our programs
  4. Siblings of children previously enrolled in Rainbow (within last 5 years)
  5. Children of RCCCS Board members
  6. Children remaining on the waitlist from the previous school year

Please contact the Operations Manager anytime after March 1st each year to confirm an early registration spot.

General registration:

Is for all other applicants and takes place in April. Details of the specific general registration dates each year are posted below.

Increasing demand for our preschool program means that unfortunately we are not always able to accommodate every family interested in attending Rainbow. If there are more applicants than available spaces, a lottery system will be used to assign spots.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not eligible for early registration, it is not possible to pre-register or be placed on a call back list prior to general registration opening.

PLEASE NOTE: To secure an Early Registration or General Registration spot, families must have completed all necessary registration forms and paid both membership and registration fees.


In order to be considered for Rainbow Preschool 2021/22 General Registration parents/or guardians must bring all of the following completed registration documents to RCCCS prior to April 24th 2021:

  1. Child Care Registration Form
  2. Emergency Consent Form
  3. Field Trip Consent Form
  4. Immunization Records (copy)
  5. Parental Agreement Form
  6. Photo Release Form
  7. Membership Application Form
  8. 2021/22 Rainbow Class Preference Form
  9. Current Photo of your child (approximately passport size)
  10. A photocopy of your child’s birth certificate or passport

If there are more applicants than available spaces, anybody who has completed and delivered the above paperwork by the end of the day on April 23th will be entered in the lottery for available spaces.

Families successful in the lottery will be contacted by phone and email and will have until April 30th to secure a spot by payment of both the annual Membership Fee ($10) and the Registration Fee ($90). Applicants who do not complete payment by April 30th will lose their spot.

Families who are unsuccessful in the lottery will be placed on the waitlist, and notified via email.


If a given day/program fills up, a waitlist is maintained should a space become available. Only children old enough to enrol in that particular school year may be placed on this waitlist.