What to Bring

In order to ensure your child’s full participation in the variety of activities planned, it is required to send the following items each day:

Casual and Washable Clothing – Parents are encouraged to dress their child in comfortable and easy to handle clothing that will allow their child to move around freely. Spills, paint, glue, dirt, and other minor accidents are all a natural part of a child’s life.
Complete Change of Clothes ideally packed inside their backpack and clearly labelled with the child's name
Indoor Shoes or Non-Slip Slippers – Please send your child with a pair of indoor shoes or non-slip slippers. Please try to find a pair that is easy for your child to put on and take off. This helps to develop the child’s independence.
Outdoor Clothing – RCCCS strongly promotes outdoor education and believes that outdoor play is essential for children’s health and well-being. Please ensure your child has proper attire to participate in outdoor activities (i.e., rain/winter jacket, rain/snow pants, boots, mittens, hats, etc.).
Nutritious Snack, Lunch, and Water Bottle - Please send your child with both a healthy snack and lunch.
Sunscreen – It is required that parents apply sunscreen to their child prior to dropping them off. Please send along a bottle of sunscreen so we can re-apply.
Supportive Outdoor Shoes – For safety reasons, we require all children to wear supportive outdoor shoes. These are running shoes or other close-toe shoes, rain boots, or snow boots depending on the weather.
Bathing Suit & Towel – During Treehouse Summer Camp we enjoy a lot of outdoor water play. If your child would like to bring his/her bathing suit, they are welcome to.
Protective Hat – Please send your child with a sun hat or baseball cap to help shield your child’s face and head from the sun.
Bikes – Children are more than welcome to bring their bikes or scooters. Unfortunately, we do not have storage space to keep them overnight. RCCCS is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes.

RCCCS strongly advises you not to bring the following items:

Electronic Devices - Please do not send your child to RCCCS with any electronic devices; the children will not be permitted to use these items during program hours.
Toys – Please do not send your children with personal toys. Children have a hard time sharing these items, and it is extremely difficult for the staff to keep track of them.