General Information

Rainbow Preschool is a structured, but flexible, preschool program for children 3-5 year of age. Play is the main focus, and it is used to support learning and express feelings. Children must turn 3 by Dec 31st of the year of enrolment. For a downloadable copy of this years calendar click here.

Class Options

We offer 2 different class options

  • 2 days (Tuesday/Thursday), 9am-1pm
  • 3 days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday), 9am-1pm

Classroom doors open at the designated start time. If you arrive early, you can take advantage of our covered deck space. In order to facilitate a smooth good-bye transition, parents are asked to please arrive at least five minutes prior to pick-up to greet their child. 

Typical Day

The program follows a daily routine that includes both teacher-led and non-teacher directed time. Our day usually begins with a group circle and welcome, followed by free-play and exploration. Children then have a snack and more time to play independently, often outside. Our day usually ends with lunch and closing group circle. Following a loose routine helps every child develop a sense of security and well-being.

Each month, different seasonal themes are used as inspiration for our activity centres. These centres include a creative play area, art, blocks, dramatic play, library, sand and water, light table, science, puzzles, and play dough. Other activities such as outdoor play will be enjoyed in small and large groups. Through these activity areas, children receive opportunities to gain new skills, values, and stimulating experiences, in safe and healthy environments.

Gradual Entry

We appreciate that starting preschool (both for the first time, and after a long summer break) can be a big transition for both children and parents. In order to help with this, our first week of preschool in September is gradual entry, with shortened classes from 9-11am. The reduced class length helps children have positive first experiences, and reassures those anxious about being left that they will be picked up soon. At RCCCS, we believe that shortening the day, rather than having parent participation on the first day/week, provides an opportunity for children to independently familiarize themselves with the play centres, routines of the day, their playmates, and the teachers. Children starting the program at other times of the year, have the option to begin with shorter days too.


All children enrolled at Rainbow Preschool MUST BE TOILET TRAINED and working towards managing all aspects of toileting independently. We are not licensed to deal with diaper changing. Staff are however available to help as needed, and naturally, as mishaps and accidents do occur, the staff will handle these situations with sensitivity.

Field Trips

Rainbow regularly takes children on outside excursions within the SD46 property that we are located on. This includes into the forest area immediately behind our Centre, and down to the Roberts Creek Elementary School playground. In the event that an offsite field trip is planned, parents will be notified at least two weeks prior to the trip, and volunteer parent chaperones will be recruited.